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A happy man exalting in nature

New Warrior Training Adventure

Be the man you want to be

Friday, 18 October 2024

Karanga, West Auckland

You are Welcome!

We are an open door for all men. We support them to stand into and own their truth.  Take a journey that will fundamentally alter your experience of manhood and the world. Improve every relationship, starting with your relationship to yourself.

Learn how to show up as the man, husband, partner, father, and brother you were born to be. The New Warrior Training Adventure is a life-affirming, personal-development event, honoring the best in what men have to offer the planet.

Our Role Models

Many of us didn’t have healthy models for manhood and when we look at the society we live in, we’re deeply concerned about the legacy we are creating. 

The frequent absence of conscious men of integrity is hurting our children, our families, our communities, our nations, and our planet. 

We’re willing to face the darkness in ourselves that perpetuates this pattern. Together, we’re creating new models of mature manhood. We’re men mentoring men. The ManKind Project provides conscious, challenging and compassionate mentoring through all the stages of a man’s life.

We’re redefining mature masculinity for the 21st Century – and we want your help!

You made it here. Welcome. You’re probably feeling ready to make a change, shake things up, or continue your growth. You may be feeling like there is something missing in your life that could make the difference between surviving and thriving in a complex world. 

We face serious challenges on our planet today. The ManKind Project helps all kinds of men, from all walks of life, to face those challenges. We commit ourselves to living lives guided by timeless values. 

We support one another in taking full responsibility for who we are. We join together to create institutions and communities that will foster peace, safety and accountability in our societies.

New Warrior Training

If you’re ready to make a bold choice, the door can be thrown wide open. Join us in experiencing a weekend like no other. You’ll discover a level of energy, a quality of masculinity, a deep sense of safety, joy and laughter, anger and fear, physical challenge, and a connection to life’s mystery that we can’t explain to you, no matter how hard we try. 

You’ll have the opportunity to look with fearless honesty at the life you’ve created, and make profound choices about what you want to keep, what you want to expand, and what you want to let go of.

This training changes men's lives.

 It is designed to provide every man who attends with opportunities to discard the burdens he has carried and the behaviours and thinking which don't serve him, his family or community.

The Adventure is a modern male Rites of Passage/Initiation and self-examination. We believe that this is crucial to the development of a healthy and mature male self, no matter how old a man is. It is the “hero’s journey” of classical literature and myth that has nearly disappeared in modern culture.

The training is designed to help you step out of your ‘ordinary’ life into an ‘extra-ordinary’ space, from where you will be able to see yourself and your life with greater clarity.

Are you ready?


New Warrior Training Adventure 

Are you ready?

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