Mankind Project Trust

During 2006 THE MANKIND PROJECT (NEW ZEALAND) was approved and registered as a Charitable Trust, duly incorporated under the provisions of the Charitable Trusts Act 1957.

Our registration Number is CC41590,

OBJECTS: The objects for which the Trust was established are to promote and encourage the following within New Zealand:

  1. To empower the personal development of men through provision of education, training, seminars and ongoing support programmes and to assist men to better understand their masculinity and their roles and human relations in society;
  2. Promote men’s health and well-being on all levels;
  3. Facilitate and encourage the maintenance of nurturing, fulfilling and harmonious families, couples, workplaces and other relationships;
  4. Model – both as an organization and as individuals – a responsible personal and social image of positive masculinity based on the principles of accountability, integrity, commitment and authenticity;
  5. Foster participation by men of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, experiences and needs;
  6. Work in a collaborative manner with government agencies, philanthropic trusts, voluntary bodies, statutory authorities and public and community initiatives in furtherance of these objects;
  7. Provide scholarships to individual men, men’s organizations or other groups to advance the educational aims and to help in research projects to further these objects;
  8. Work with other organizations with similar objects;
  9. Do all things incidental to the above objects and
  10. To carry out these objects in conjunction with the MKP International Organisation and its growing network throughout the world.

Membership of the Trust is open to all men 18 years of age who have completed the primary training programme offered by the Trust;- the New Warrior Training Adventure.


The Trust is administered by a Board comprising not less than eight nor more than twelve members who are elected annually at General Meeting, normally held in August.

Nomination for a position on the Board shall be by way of notice of nomination in writing endorsed with the consent of the nominee and given to the secretary not less than 24 hours before the time fixed for the annual general meeting or oral nominations may be received at the annual general meeting provided that no member shall be elected who has not consented to being nominated.

The Trust has been approved by the Inland Revenue Department as a tax free Charitable Trust. This means donations made to the Trust are deductible by the donor within the normal rules and limits of the Department for charitable donations. It also means the Trust is not subject to income tax assessment as a not for profit Trust.

The Mankind Project has a number of ways to support men in our community.
If you wish to support the work of the trust via a donation or would like a New Warrior to talk about our work, please contact us on 0800MANKIND or email for more information.