09 Jun 2010
June 9, 2010

Best Buddy Monday Nights

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By: Bruce Craig

Ever noticed how stuck you can get around just asking your mates along to an Open Integration Group to check out the ManKind Project.

Here’s some touchstones to keep in mind and some potholes to hopefully step past:

  1. Don’t try and sell anything to your mates. You’re inviting them to a meeting of leaders, plain and simple.
  2. There’s something wrong with them. If you really think that about your friends. Do them a favour and give up now until you sort your head out.
  3. They need this training. Same deal as point two Pal.
  4. They’re too busy. Usually a sign of stress. Open up and let em talk it off.
  5. They don’t have any money to do no darn workshop anyway. Sweet, no problem. If they’re keen we can help them out if they want any.
  6. If they say no, don’t sweat it. You don’t like pushy and neither does he.
  7. If they stand you up. There’s no point getting fierce about it. Ask them along at another time.
  8. If they don’t say no, but say something that sounds like a nicer way of saying no. Set your inner new warrior on low cook and invite them to be straight up with you in future. If anything you’ll both have clearer comms going forward.
  9. Do not stalk them. Clingy is well, clingy!

10.Keep in mind they’re looking for respect, validation, acknowledgement

and love just like you. You might like to be first to model that with them.

Best Buddy Monday Nights

7.15 for a 7.30pm start

Monday nights through June & July

NZ Trade Centre

26 Albert Street

Auckland CBD