17 Jun 2010
June 17, 2010

July Muster for Staff

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By: Martin van der Kaay

The April 2010 New Warrior Training Adventure saw the biggest collection of able bodied go-getters the New Zealand MKP community has ever attracted to staff. At this training I shared lots of laughter with the other staff. I also take the opportunity while staffing to have a deep look at myself. Staffing enables me reassess where I am, and where I want to be moving forward in my life.

I’m a convert that’s why I’m standing up and taking charge of getting a even bigger staff crew together for the next training on 23-24 July.

I could go on for ages about the awesome team spirit we create together to offer the guys going through the weekend the best educational experience we can. Or the great tips from the leader team and other guys on staff which are still paying me dividends in my work life. There’s the fact that my partner misses me when I go away but because I come back full of appreciation and love and in no small way more authentic and real than before I left; that’s all really good for us as a couple. The gains are incredible.

I’m looking for 30+ of you blokes to stump up and sign up online. Tell your partner and kids you’re going to come back better than before and see what they say!

Go Here Tip: Online Staff Application

Enter through Warrior Cicle using your login password. Click on Staff Applications. Fill out the the online form and hit send. Done and dusted.