09 Jun 2010
June 9, 2010

Like Our New Curves!

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By: Adrian Engelbrecht

Wherever you look these days someone is doing it. I’m talking about social media: facebook, twitter, open source email groups, snappy interactive websites. Nowadays people want a say in the stuff they buy; participate in discussions that matter to them online and get a genuine response from providers. That’s where we’re going.

What you’re looking at right now is our brand spanking new web site. We’re launching MKP NZ boom crash into the world of online community building and responsive feedback because if we don’t give it a crack now, we’re a dinosaur – an extinct and dead one.

Research out last week showed 74% of people surveyed trusted the recommedation of their mates and family when buying something important for themselves. Compared to just 14% who were still into watching TV ads and reading junk mail. That’s big news to us as a growing community.

We’re busting out these new curves, our new web site to attract and talk directly to the many men, partners of men and family members out there who want to get involved in the great work we do at MKP New Zealand.

Search Tip: Find a New Warrior Brother from Anywhere

Warrior Login is at the bottom of the front page. Log on there first with your password. In the Warrior Search box punch in his name, animal, first or surname should do it. Typing in the brother’s centre or ALL will also lead you there. It’s that simple.

Hey while you’re in there do me a favour. Check and update your profile if it’s old or wrong. A new warrior brother might be trying to find you.