19 Jun 2010
June 19, 2010

MKP Spreading Thick and Fast

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By: Ian Young

It’s taken ManKind Project just 25 years to impact the lives of 40’000 men across the globe. That’s the number of men who have participated in our flagship mens weekend called the New Warrior Training Adventure since MKP first started in the USA all that time ago before spreading around the world.

Most weekends of the year will see a New Warrior Training Adventure happening somewhere internationally. New Zealand, Australia, Canada, German speaking Europe, French speaking Europe, South Africa, Hawaii, United Kingdom and of course throughout the USA all proudly running trainings in a range of different and diverse cities, communities and multicultural settings.

On reaching a quarter of a century of MKP growth, change at an organisational level is on the cards as 2010 sets itself up as a transition year. Shifting emhasis from a mainly USA based operation into becoming a truly international network involving all the other countries around the globe who are now charged with sharing the responsibility of moving our mens education forward into the future. This transition is marked as the single most important structural change since ManKind Project started indicating a fresh phase of interdependance and single country sovereignty.

How will we know when all our efforts this year to evolve ourselves will count for something? With B.H.A.G.’s, BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOALS that’s how.

As an international mens organization we are putting a stake in the ground to reach over one million men in need. Create a strong brand presence in every city and community where we are invited. Train leaders of integrity that other organizations look up to and want. Uphold the elders in our MKP communities for the wisdom and experience they share with the honour and respect they deserve. Take the success of the MKP Integration Group structure into communities where it is wanted and needed.

BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS and ACHIEVABLE. Join ManKind Project New Zealand in making our country safer for children, boys and younger men, women and families. Help us to grow the next 25 years even bigger and better than the last.