05 Apr 2011
April 5, 2011

My Health Fitness Mission

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I am back from the NWTA weekend and I am full of life.

I have been pondering what to do next in this weekly email on Health and Fitness. There are some big issue coming up in the next few weeks. But before I kick out on these I have a thought. What would it be for a man to have a health and fitness mission.

A mission of service not to the world but your physical form. It makes sense to me. With this could then come a shadow mission.

If I model this it would look like this for me. (I use the term Being rather than Body as it is too restrictive for me.)

My Health and Fitness Mission:

I create a Being that is strong, dynamic and elastic with lots of regeneration by the conscious use of weight training, running and stretching with a diet that truly serves only my health and looking after my vitality. I take total responsibility for all this. I will die on my terms.

My health and Fitness Shadow Mission:

I create a Being that is weak, lethargic and restricted with lots of degeneration by the unconscious use of laziness, lack of exercise and movement with a diet that serves only my weaknesses and I abusing my vitality. I blame others and the world for all this. I will die from neglect and excess.

I immagine that most of you can feel the tension between the mission and shadow mission. There are a number of authors that speak of the Body as Shadow. Carl Jung and Wilhelm Reich among them, it is a powerful place to work and to find self accountability and integrity.

What might these missions look like in your life?

Next Week – Middle age spread…how to make it optional!