New Warrior Training

The New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA) is a weekend process of initiation and self-examination that is designed to catalyse the development of a healthy and mature masculine self. It is the “Hero’s Journey” of classical literature and myth adapted to our modern culture. It is a profound inward journey of self-confrontation: facing the deep fears and the old wounds that keep our lives from working the way we want them to. And, it is a gateway into a fellowship of men informed by rigorous honesty and a level of trust that most men never know.

The NWTA is a traditional masculine initiation geared to the modern-day man. Two words that best describe it are – Radical Departure.

There needs to be such a departure if the training is to be effective. Men are asked to “pull the plug” on their personal computers (their heads) when they reach the training. Everything that occurs takes place in a totally different realm.

Whether the man is on a life upswing, or down in the trenches of his existence, the NWTA will help him take a good, hard look at his life – to see what’s working, and what isn’t – and he will be challenged to transcend his limitations. The man will get a clear sense of what it is he needs to effectively change his life and become more empowered and centered in his family, work and community.

The NWTA starts at 6 pm on a Friday night and finishes about 3 pm on the Sunday. It is a live-in camp. There are activities and light-hearted challenges mixed into the weekend schedule; it’s not entirely solemn and serious! The nature of an “adventure” is such that you may look back weeks later and only then realise how much fun you had – or you may smile your way through the entire experience. Keep in mind that each man gets out of the weekend what he puts into it. You’ll be there with up to 24 other participants and almost 30 staff. Each man brings his own sense of humour along with all of his other gifts and baggage.

Who Comes to the Trainings?
Men like you. We are fathers, sons, brothers, husbands and lovers. We are tradesmen, professionals, office workers, sportsmen, businessmen, labourers, artists, soldiers, teachers – from every role in life. We are men of all races, faiths, nationalities and creeds – who come together with a common purpose.

Who runs the workshop?
The weekend is run by the ManKind Project New Zealand (MKP) and has helped over 80,000 men around the world to find purpose and improve their lives. MKP is a not-for-profit, non-religious community of men. The weekend is limited to just 25 men. There will be around 30 facilitators on site; men just like you who have completed the training and are experienced in guiding you on your journey.

Training cost $595