What graduates have said about the training!

“I went into my NWTA having just been through a marriage break-up and found I didn’t have the skills to stand as an individual outside of the relationship I’d been in for 8 years. I look back on my NWTA as the weekend where my life got turned back on and the dead life I had been living began to change into something live.”
Paul B.

“Before my weekend I was at a crossroads in my life. I drank too much, smoked too much, got far too angry and tried to control all who matter to me. Since the weekend people have commented on how I have changed. It’s not so much that I no longer smoke or drink; I just feel better about myself and others can see that. I now have purpose, integrity, a passion to be accountable and all my relationships have improved.”
Tony B.

“Enter MKP and the weekend. It blew my mind because it was the first time in my life that men modelled love for me. For the first time, I loved and was loved by other men. For the first time, I loved parts of myself which I had secretly rejected – I felt complete and whole again.”
Tim K.

“My personal journey into the heart of MKP has been a grand exploration of those inner parts of myself that I never knew before; those internal structures of right order, affinity and blessing that I now rely on to navigate myself true north through life. I really love the life I am living now and that’s what my mission is: Helping build a world that works by living a life that works.”
Daniel N.

“My experience of the New Warrior Training Adventure was a space of the highest quality of integrity, courage and healthy masculinity… I met men I can trust, who are supportive and powerful and, importantly, who place a value on their lives as men. I know this experience will open doors in my life, allowing friendship to grow and mature, and I can discuss and share with men all that is in my heart.”

“Doing MKP helped me find my direction and purpose in life, and I came away with a feeling of pride in being a man for the first time ever.”
Adam B.

. . . and from the partners who share their lives!

“I believe mankind would benefit greatly from having more New Warriors in the world. Men that acknowledge and integrate all parts of themselves, including the child and the wild man. I value having a New Warrior in my life and I encourage all men to undertake the training and its challenge of dealing with the unexplored (shadow) parts of themselves to realize their full
Gail N.

“The Mankind Project saved our marriage and I believe it saved Scott’s life. I am a true believer! This works. I hope more men make the decision to give themselves the gift. That’s what it is, a gift.”
Camille D.

“The first thing I noticed was the look in his eyes; there
is a new stability in his gaze. His voice is now clear and
firm. I’ve finally got ‘my warrior’ and I feel incredibly
proud of him.”
Anonymous girlfriend of a New Warrior.