What is a New Warrior?

The Old Warrior competed with the elements, other animals and other males, through force where necessary, for the ancient prize of survival. Our histories are filled with tales of combat and competition, male against male, tribe against tribe, nation against nation, for territory, food, women and more. Competition and domination worked, we survived when many did not. The memories of the struggle of the Old Warrior haunt our bones, and live and breathe in each of us today.

The New Warrior has looked his Old Warrior in the eye. He has learned to spot the shadow of his Old Warrior, and to make new, healthy choices in his life. The New Warrior commits himself to living a life of passion, energy and feeling, beyond survival, to harnessing and openly directing his warrior energy into a personal mission of service in the world.

The New Warrior is a man for today’s world, ready for full, vibrant, equal partnership with other men and women. For most of us, the struggle for physical survival is over. The New Warrior has put down the sword, picked up his own heart and placed it in service to himself and others.

What Are The Characteristics Of A New Warrior?

A man who has been taken the journey of the New Warrior Training Adventure is offered the opportunity to take on the characteristics of a New Warrior and take his place in the world carrying those traits with him into his family, his work, and his community. These traits and his choice to do his own personal growth enable him to face the struggles of life, to attain his personal successes and to forge ahead in his life’s journey with clarity and intention. These characteristics become the fundamental values of the New Warrior, by reshaping and redefining a man’s awareness of his world, his choices and his feelings. These values include:

  • Responsibility – A New Warrior is responsible for his life, his feelings, his choices and his actions. He chooses his reactions.
  • Integrity – A New Warrior’s choices and actions are consistent with his intentions, mission and commitments. He keeps his promises.
  • Congruency – A New Warrior’s actions equal his thoughts and words. He does what he says he will do. He “walks the talk”.
  • Self-awareness – A New Warrior examines his thoughts, feelings and behaviours. He is aware of his “shadows”, patterns, and limiting beliefs that compromise his integrity with these principles.
  • Accountability – A New Warrior “owns up” to another man when he is out of integrity. He acknowledges and owns the consequences of his actions and the choices and intentions behind them.
  • Clarity – A New Warrior discerns and articulates his feelings and judgments. He seeks understanding. He knows what he wants. He knows who he is. He knows the choices he wants to make.
  • Mission – A New Warrior seeks to discover his true mission of service and to live in integrity with it.
  • Commitment – A New Warrior clearly articulates his pledge or promise to do something. His intentions are clear and he follows through.
  • Action – A New Warrior takes action to live his mission and fulfill his commitments. He asks for help when he needs it. He asks for what he wants. He moves through his fear. He takes risks.
  • Service – A New Warrior offers of himself through acts and deeds without expectation.
  • Authenticity – A New Warrior is sincere and honest in all of his dealings. He is aware of and owns his feelings. He speaks his truth. He comes from his heart. He is genuine and real.
  • Directness – A New Warrior speaks clearly to another man of his perceptions, feelings and judgments towards him. He neither practices nor tolerates sideways comments or ‘gossip’.