19 Jun 2010
June 19, 2010

On Common Ground

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By: Brian Tierney

Maybe it’s the leaping flames or the burnt orange of the heating rocks that draws a man to the lodge. Whatever it is, present is the undeniable sense of sacredness. The ageless AHA! of being a part of something bigger, ever more expansive yet interwoven tightly at gut level. Working with natural elements has that appeal.

Many more men are opening to the wealth available to them by being around the work and moving meditation that is the lodge. The simple art of setting the fire, giving clear thought to building the surrounds and taking a breath to feel into the magic of the unfolding stillness. An experience far from the busyness of our everyday routines. How great it is to be free from all that stuff and distraction albeit fleetingly.

The attraction of the lodge for me is grounded in the intent to serve humanity through working respectfully with wairua, songs from long ago and prayer. Deep in the hot darkness of the shelter of the lodge. Humbly sat atop the very earth on which we all walk equally. Men like you and I from different directions, beliefs and values crouched low as one on common ground.