09 Jun 2010
June 9, 2010

The Inner King

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By: Richard Solomon

At a time when most men think older age is about getting frail and sick here are a bunch of elder men who are breaking the mold and putting King energy back where it belongs. Inside you and inside me.

“There’s a saying that you’re never too old to grow up, and boy, I couldn’t agree more,” says Richard Solomon head elder at ManKind Project NZ. ‘Poppa’ as he is also fondly known is one of a group of elders at MKP who are committed to sharing their years of experience and wisdom and sometimes just plain heart felt commonsense with younger men in his mens community. MKP elders in NZ give their time freely because they want to serve and assist individuals through the natural passages of life.

“We mentor the Kings in our organization that’s what us elders do best. The result is glorious magnificent men who are positive, generous, honest and caring,” says Poppa. “ A lot of men out there act like little frightened boys while pretending otherwise to everyone around them.  We all know that kind of man, he’s all controlling but has no real power. What’s missing is a heavy dose of King energy.“

“Once a men comes to us he begins down his inner path towards his balanced centre. He moves towards his internal Kingdom, the seat of his Inner King.  What’s common about this space for all the men who have started doing their hard yards is in the first place a way of acknowledging and honouring the people important to them with love and gratitude which in turns gives him more love and gratitude. Getting himself organized in every part of his life is another typical reward. And then there’s also the ability to hold his true authentic form even when he’s under pressure. To reach the place of the Inner King is worth every step and every bump along the way.”